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Framework Draft

1. Click the link below to access the draft document.

2. Add comments in the downloaded file and save.

3. Upload your saved file (see page 3 of the draft document for details).

Comments accepted through July 15, 2020.

Questions Driving the 2025 NAEP Reading Framework Update

  1. 1.How should NAEP reflect contemporary aspirations and expectations for reading?

  2. Should NAEP consider incorporating writing from sources into its reading assessment?

  3. How should NAEP account for the interplay of knowledge and reading comprehension?

  4. How can NAEP take better advantage of the affordances of digitally-based assessments?

  5. What guidelines will help to make NAEP as fair as possible?

  6. What new issues and ideas about reading comprehension and its assessment need to be reflected in the framework?

More Information

For further information, or to share the information on this site with others, download the one-page handout or the slide deck.

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