Other Frameworks - Mathematics

  • The NAEP Mathematics Assessment has not yet been informed by:

    • Recent standards, curricula, and instruction

    • Research on cognitive development over last 20 years

    • Latest perspectives on nation's future needs and desirable levels of achievement

Visioning and Development Panels were drawn from the following stakeholder groups and organizations:

Stakeholder Groups

  • Teachers

  • State and District Directors

  • Policymakers from Educational Organizations

  • Content Specialists

  • Business Representatives

  • Researchers and Technical Experts


  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

  • TODOS: Mathematics for ALL

  • Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences

  • Mathematical Association of America

  • Council of the Great City Schools

  • Association of State Supervisors of Mathematics

  • Business Roundtable

  • National School Boards Association

  • National Association of Elementary School Principals

  • National Association of Secondary School Principals

  • Project Kickoff​                           

    • September 20, 2018

  • Visioning Panel Meeting          

    • November 7-8, 2018​

  • Development Panel Meetings​ 

    • December 5-6, 2018

    • January 9-10, 2019

    • February 12-13, 2019

  • Public Comment Period

    • April 22 - June 7, 2019​

  • Final Review

  • Final Framework Documents​  ​

Questions Driving the 2025 NAEP Mathematics Framework Update

  1. How should NAEP assess what students are learning?

  2. How should NAEP assess problem-solving?

  3. How should NAEP take better advantage of digitally-based assessments?

  4. What guidelines will help to make NAEP as fair as possible?

  5. What new research should be cited and incorporated?

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The National Assessment Governing Board is currently leading updates to the Mathematics and Reading Assessment Frameworks for the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), also known as the Nation’s Report Card. WestEd is a key partner in these efforts and has convened panels of subject-matter experts, practitioners, and other stakeholders to develop recommendations for improvement.

Final updates are currently being made to the Mathematics Assessment Framework. A draft of the Reading Assessment Framework was available to the general public for feedback through July 23, 2020.

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